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Domaine Laporte is a perfect blending of two renowned Sancerre families. Founded in 1850 in the village of Saint-Satur, Domaine Laporte was run for decades in the mid-20th century by René Laporte. A visionary chair of the Sancerre appellation for 20 years, René was a pioneer in producing low-yield, characterful Sancerre during a time when many others in the region were focusing on quantity over quality. Then, in 1986, well-known Chavignol winegrower Henri Bourgeois purchased the domaine from René, keeping the old vineyard, cellar, and house and maintaining the excellent reputation.

Now under the watchful eyes of Henri’s two grandsons, Arnaud and Cedric Bourgeois, Domaine Laporte is one of the most highly respected estates in the Loire Valley. It consists of more than 30 hectares, and the flagship Sancerre comes from one of the finest vineyards in the appellation, Domaine du Rochoy, a 10-hectare vineyard carved out of the flint hillside overlooking the Loire River, that is the only monopole in the appellation.

Laporte is a certified organic producer, and the wine here is made in a very traditional, natural way, employing organic methods and always ensuring a sense of purity and excellence. With the different cuvées, the Bourgeois can explore the varied expressions of Sancerre, all to very appealing effect. Laporte also produces three wines under the Le Bouquet label: the floral and citrus-scented Sauvignon Blanc, a Cabernet-Franc offering fresh red fruits and soft hints of spice, and a fruity Pinot Noir rosé. Made with very high-quality fruit, these are versatile bottlings that provide a perfect introduction to the wines of the Loire Valley.

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