Our Team

Adam Brunsen
Portfolio Manager, Stateside Suppliers
AJ Augustine
Illinois Sales
Amandine Lecarpentier
Purchasing & Import
Amy Caffo
National Order Desk
Annie Rene
Import Manager
Ashley Brandt
New York Sales
Barry Richter
Senior Warehouse Specialist
Beth Feather
French Portfolio Manager
Bowman McNear
Staff Accountant
Brett Taylor
Wine Advisor
Christina Hammond
Southern California Sales
Cortney Lease
National Sales Manager
Curt Cravens
Chief Financial Officer
Deborah Martins
Accounting Administrator
Elizabeth Schiavone
Compliance Specialist
Erin Rolek
Southern California Sales
Geoffrey Millar
Northern California Sales
Greg Castells
Jackson Lee
California Order Desk
James Bradley
Technical Operations Specialist
JD Wagoner
New York Sales
Jennie Mass
Director of Brands
Jim Bradshaw
Operations Manager
Jonathan Ramirez
Warehouse Specialist
Julian Dell'Oso
New York Sales
Justin Timsit
Director of Sales
Kate Laughlin
Chief Executive Officer
Lacey Bediz
Creative Lead
Lauren Fallon
New York & Illinois Sales Manager
Madison Varunok
Project Specialist
Mike Mendoza
Warehouse Manager
Myles Romanow
New York Sales
Nandini Novarr
Northern California Sales
Pete Monteleone
Director of Purchasing
Ron Bonilla
Warehouse Specialist
Sara Jenkins
Marketing and Communications Specialist
Scott Forrest
Northern California Sales
Thomas Palauqui
Northern California Sales
Tyler Rinaldi
Warehouse Specialist