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Michel Bouzereau et Fils

New Producer in Meursault – Domaine Michel Bouzereau et Fils

The Bouzereau family is part of the fabric of Meursault, making wine in the village for seven generations. While today there are five domaines bearing the Bouzereau name, Domaine Michel Bouzereau et Fils is acknowledged as not only the best of them but also one of the top producers in the appellation. Their years of... READ MORE

Domaine du Chancelier

New Producer in Beaune – Domaine du Chancelier

The young estate of Domaine du Chancelier, run by Elsa & Cédric Ehrhart, is deeply connected to the tradition and history that surrounds it. The cellars and vinification facilities are located in the historic center of Beaune in an 18th-century building that once belonged to the founder of Hospices de Beaune Nicolas Rolin and his… READ MORE

New Producer in Châteauneuf-du-Pape – Domaine Mayard

Positioned in the heart of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Domaine Mayard is a new estate that is quickly making a name for itself to those in the know about the Southern Rhône. Winemakers Arthur and Hugo are the sixth generation of Mayard winemakers, now in charge of this estate following the separation of the Mayard family’s vineyards into… READ MORE

Unveiling the Influence of Aging Vessels on Wine

Wine aging vessels play a pivotal role in shaping the character and complexity of the final product. From traditional oak barrels to modern materials like concrete and stainless steel, to throwbacks like clay amphorae, each vessel imparts unique characteristics to the wine. Foudres, large wooden casks typically made of oak, have long been integral to… READ MORE

Henry Marionnet and Pre-Phylloxera Vines

Perhaps the most seismic shift in the modern wine world took place over 150 years ago. In the 1860s, vigneron in the Rhône began to see their vineyards die off for no discernable reason. The condition spread throughout France and, eventually, most of the world, decimating vineyards without regard. Though they didn’t know it at… READ MORE

The Geology of Alsace: A Place of Exceptional Terroirs

Located in the northeastern corner of France, neighboring Germany, Alsace has a winemaking history that dates back centuries. Key to this region’s uniqueness is its position between the Vosges and Rhine faults. The significant geologic upheaval that happened here during the Tertiary period results in a rich tapestry of soils from the Proterozoic eon to… READ MORE

New Producer from Provence – Domaine Fontchêne

Once in a great while, we come across a new estate that leaves us speechless, one that produces wines with so much depth and complexity that they stop you in your tracks. Domaine Fontchêne is just such a property. Current owner and winemaker René Milan was born and raised in the neighboring village of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence… READ MORE

Wines of the Alps – Exploring Domaine des Ardoisières and Domaine Curtet

Stretching through seven European countries and topping out at 15,781 feet at their highest point, the first thoughts that spring to mind when most people hear about the Alps are about snow and skiing. However, at lower altitudes, these mountains support an enormous amount of agriculture – in modern parlance, the term “alp” refers to… READ MORE

New Producer from Madiran -Domaine Laougué

Tucked into the foothills of the Pyrenees, Madiran is a hidden gem of a winemaking region that produces red, white, and sweet wines. This area features rolling hills, unspoiled nature, and a unique heritage, and the wines that come from here couldn’t be from anywhere else in France or the world. It is here, lying… READ MORE

Château Fosse-Sèche’s Commitment to Biodiversity

Few wineries impress with such an illustrious history as Château de Fosse-Sèche. First planted to vine by Benedictine monks in the 1200s, the Pire-Keller family established the modern incarnation of the estate in 1998. Situated near the tiny village of Brossay, two brothers, Adrien and Guillaume Pire, tend to the 45-hectare property with the utmost… READ MORE