The Company Today

In 2012, founder Martine Saunier hand-selected Greg Castells to continue her legacy as the new owner of Martine’s Wines, and the two struck a deal. Today, Greg and his business partner, Kate Laughlin, lead the company forward with their vision to celebrate all that’s right with wine.


The wines we represent are carefully curated and rightfully sought after. Each bottle represents the strength of our relationships, some that have lasted decades and others that are starting anew. These years of experience have served us well, and Martine’s Wines is an industry leader specializing in importing, compliance, warehouse, marketing, sales, and distribution. We self-distribute in California, New York, and Illinois, and are fortunate to be represented by an extensive network of top distributors across the rest of the country. It is our ambition to guide the industry forward in promoting sustainable practices, starting in the vineyard and progressing throughout the supply chain. We are grateful to be a part of this lively and pleasurable business of wine.


Martine’s Wines is headquartered in Northern California, with offices in Brooklyn, New York.