May 18, 2022 lacey

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March 27, 2020 lacey

We hope you and your loved ones are healthy and well. Our industry has been dramatically shaken over the past few months, first by retaliatory tariffs and now by the critical measures to contain Coronavirus around the world. We share in the grief and sadness that others are feeling as we strive for normalcy during these unprecedented times. To address safety concerns, we have implemented critical measures to keep our team healthy in order to continue serving our community. This includes social distancing policies and remote work environments that enable us to continue to ship orders on a regular basis…

December 20, 2019 lacey

If you work in the wine trade, or if you’re a consumer who enjoys drinking wines from every region of the world, please act now and let your voice be heard! What’s the issue? On October 18, the US administration began imposing 25% tariffs on the cost of certain European wines coming into the country. This action was taken as a way to enforce US WTO rights in the Large Civil Aircraft dispute. In other words, we implemented tariffs on certain imported wines to offset unfair competition against Boeing. While we don’t support European countries unfairly subsidizing Airbus, we also…

April 20, 2018 Martine's Wines

Last year, our team visited with Hervé Pouizin, owner and winemaker of Domaine du Séminaire in Valreas. Hervé is a fourth-generation vigneron and, along with his wife, Mathilde, has brought notoriety to their corner of the Rhone Valley for their estate bottlings. Enjoy this video tour from the sky and the ground, as we take a closer look at Domaine du Séminaire.

March 20, 2018 Martine's Wines

Brice Omont oversees one of the most unique vineyards in the world–Coteau de Cevins in the Savoie. Located halfway between Moutier and Albertville (site of the 1992 Winter Olympics), this hillside site features a multi-soil profile that lends great complexity to the wines of Domaine des Ardoisieres. With a south/southeast exposure and a steepness of slope that approaches 70% in places, this vineyard nestled in the Alps produces truly immaculate wines which speak truly of a place on the fringe. Join us here for a view of this extraordinary vineyard and learn more about the wines of Domaine des Ardoisieres.

February 22, 2018 Martine's Wines

With the 2017 rosés hitting the market now, it seemed fitting to share a segment of a conversation we had with Annabelle Sumeire last Spring. Annabelle, who represents Famille Sumeire Vignerons en Provence, will be back stateside next month for the 2018 Martine’s Wines Grand Tasting: Le Tour de California on March 26th-27th in Los Angeles and San Francisco. In this video clip, Annabelle provides a look back at the history of the Provence, as well as a closer examination of Sainte Victoire. Enjoy!

February 1, 2018 Martine's Wines

Fine wine importer and wholesaler Martine’s Wines celebrated its five-year anniversary under owners Gregory Castells and Kate Laughlin by announcing the creation of a California sales team and several notable additions to its portfolio as the company approaches its 40th year of business. Martine’s Wines was started in 1979 by legendary tastemaker Martine Saunier, who hand-selected Castells and Laughlin to purchase the company in December 2012. “Five years ago, neither of us had worked in the import business,” said Gregory Castells, Co-Owner and President of Martine’s Wines. “We brought experiences from other sides of the industry and, in looking back,…

January 16, 2018 Martine's Wines

The rich history of Chateau Gilette dates back to 1710, when Numa Medeville took the hand of Marie Despujols in marriage. With her came the family home and vineyards, which we know today as Chateau Gilette and Chateau Les Justices. In this video, Xavier Gonet–the husband of Numa’s great-great-granddaughter, Julie Medeville–explains how Chateau Gilette began implementing a longer period of élevage in its Crème de Tête Sauternes wine, beginning with the 1937 vintage. Take a look and listen to Xavier tell the remarkable story of how this 4.5-hectare estate in the village of Preignac uses concrete vats and turned war time misfortune into…

January 10, 2018 Martine's Wines

In early 2017, when Domaine Santa Duc joined the Martine’s Wines portfolio, our team knew we were adding both quality and depth to our well-established roster of stars from the Rhone Valley. The Gras family has been a fixture in Gigondas since the 19th century, and in recent years, under the guidance of Yves Gras, Domaine Santa Duc has gained notoriety for its ability to honor tradition while taking strides to innovate and evolve. The surest sign of this willingness to break new ground is the domaine’s new winemaking facility, which was under construction when we visited in April of last…

January 3, 2018 Martine's Wines

“Here, in this foggy, windswept place, our vineyards are located. Climatic changes that occurred after their initial formation have introduced even more complexity to the rock of this region. During the end of the last ice age, the ocean crept further inland and laid marine sediments atop the coarser soils eroded from the peaks. It turns out that the ‘thin flinty soil’ Steinbeck wrote of in East of Eden is made of stronger stuff than he supposed. Composed of schist and gneiss, it is full of granite but laced with marine materials. At Pisoni we work hard to create wine…