Domaine des Ardoisières
Domaine des Ardoisières
  • This ancient region, planted to vine as early as 120 BCE, produces wines from Gamay, Mondeuse Noire, Persan, Jacquère, Chardonnay, and Mondeuse Blanche.
  • The seven-hectare estate is planted over two steep and rocky vineyard sites - one in Cevins and the other in Saint-Pierre-de-Soucy.
  • Biodynamic principles have been utilized since the vineyards were cleared and replanted starting in 1998.
  • Wines are fermented with native yeasts. No sulfur is used during vinification and only one gram at bottling.
  • The Ardoisières wines are mineral, pure, and unique, reflecting this singular mountain terroir.

From Domaine des Ardoisières, it seems Mont Blanc is everywhere. The towering mountain keeps watch over this small estate near the Swiss border, shaping the wines so expertly grown and made here. First planted during Roman times, the vineyard eventually became overgrown until a passionate group of supporters cleared the vineyard in 1998 and began piecing the steep terraces back together to create Domaine des Ardoisières.

Since 2005, Champagne native Brice Omont has been the winemaker at Ardoisières and is now considered one of France's most exciting producers. The domaine's 17 acres of vineyards are planted on steep, rocky slopes high above the town of Fréterive. Sourced from two single vineyard sites in Cevins and Saint-Pierre-de-Soucy, Ardoisières produces wines using the area's unique varietals, including Altesse, Jacquère, Mondeuse, Gamay, and Persan. The estate has employed biodynamic principles in the vineyard since planting. The reds are produced without any de-stemming. All of the wines are fermented with native yeasts and bottled with light filtration. No sulfur is used during vinification and only one gram at bottling.

Brice's wines are brilliantly unique, capturing the vineyard terraces' stony and mineral character and possessing a remarkable crystalline purity. Drinking these wines from Mont Blanc's side is like tasting freshly squeezed juice running off a glacier.

Martine's Wines is the exclusive U.S. importer for Domaine des Ardoisières with shared rights in Massachusetts.