Domaine Buisson-Charles
  • Buisson-Charles is a Meursault estate revered by those in the know and is regarded as a top-tier producer.
  • Now in its 4th generation, with the 5th preparing to take over the reins, this is a house steeped in history and tradition.
  • Vines are tended organically, and the wines see no chaptalization, acidification, or SO2 added during vinification.
  • Picking dates are later than most of their peers, resulting in wines that are richer in style than most while also possessing excellent acidity and tension.
  • A connoisseur's delight, the wines of Buisson-Charles are classic Meursault, concentrated, pristine, and complex.

Several years ago, Michel Buisson, the third-generation vigneron of Buisson-Charles, turned over the reins of this 6.3 hectare domaine to his daughter Catherine and son-in-law Patrick Essa. They, in turn, have now handed them to their son Louis, who vinified the 2019 vintage.

Under Patrick's leadership, the house has reached new heights, producing wines that show beautiful balance; they are concentrated and rich, yet pure and expressive, featuring both the crystalline purity and opulence of Meursault. Vines are tended organically and the wines see no chaptalization or acidification or SO2 added during vinification. They are bottled without fining or filtration.

Louis has followed in his father's footsteps, espousing the estate's philosophy that many Meursault are harvested too early and, as a result, are too lean, highly sulfured, and one-dimensional. Not only the picking dates, but also other growing milestones, such as pruning, are later than most of their peers, with the goal of extending the overall vegetative cycle. Following these methods, Bouisson-Charles' finished wines are richer in style than most, while also possessing incredible acidity and tension.

Buisson-Charles has holdings among the top vineyards in the Côte de Beaune, including parcels of Meursault vines more than a century old. Both Patrick and Louis believe the terroir, not the winemaking, should determine the taste of the wine, and these creations reflect the essence of their appellations.

Martine's Wines is the exclusive U.S. importer for Domaine Buisson-Charles except in DC, MD and VA.

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