Cyril Audoin is part of the next generation from renowned winemaking families, and his energetic, outgoing personality is a refreshing counterpoint to wines that are among the most serious in their appellation.Cyril’s father, Charles, was a visionary in the Burgundy region, as he’d already selected and vinified the best parcels in the 1970s, before Marsannay was even an appellation. He and his wife, Marie-Françoise, an oenologist, began their domaine in Marsannay-la-Cote, in 1972.

Cyril is the fifth generation to join the family business. He continues his parents’ commitment to producing fine red, white and rosé Marsannays, primarily from single vineyards, that are well-structured and wonderfully mineral.

Bourgogne Rouge
Fixin Le Rozier
Marsannay Blanc
Marsannay Blanc Au Champ Salomon
Marsannay Blanc La Charme aux Prêtres
Marsannay Les Favières
Marsannay Les Longeroies
Marsannay Cuvée Marie Ragonneau
Marsannay Rosé

Martine’s Wines is the exclusive importer for Charles Audoin in all of the United States.