New Producer from California – Sabelli-Frisch

Adam Sabelli-Frisch makes wine from low-impact vineyards, with a focus on rare, forgotten, under-appreciated, or historic grape varieties. In his own words: “I try to make them in an elegant Old World way here in the New World. I tend to go for more restrained oak usage for best expression, but not at all opposed to oak if the wine demands it (and some do). My wines are normally bone dry, fermented naturally, contain no added chemicals, low in sulfites. I try not to filter and I try not to fine. I also don’t rush them to market, I prefer to let them age in the winery for at least a year and half or more. I find it really helps them develop and refine, as well as prepare them for further aging.”
He works throughout Northern and Central California, crafting exciting and individualist bottlings from appellations like Mokelumne River, Clements Hills, Cosumnes River, Santa Ynez, and more. We’re thrilled to welcome these wines to our portfolio, starting in our California markets and expanding further in 2023.