Domaine D’Edouard – No Human Intervention, Only Surveillance

When Edouard Lepesme speaks of his wines, the lynchpins of his approach are responsibility, respect and tradition.

After transitioning from the marketing sector of the wine industry in 2011, Lepesme immersed himself in the study of organic winemaking before purchasing Andre Donat’s Domaine Dessus Bon Boire in Vaux-Auxerre and establishing Domaine d’Edouard in 2014. Under Donat’s care, the estate had been farmed organically since the 1990s, presenting Lepesme with the opportunity to put his studies into practice and create wines aligned with his mission to produce wines that are representative and respectful of the rich Cotes d’Auxerre terroir in an authentic Burgundian style.

The wines of Domaine d’Edouard showcase what is possible when vines enjoy a more integrated and natural balance with their environment. Using only natural, active ingredients, Lepesme seeks to preserve the health of not only his vineyard, but that of his employees as well. Manual harvests and sorting of the grapes provides for greater quality and possibility in the vinification process. In the cellar, Lepesme’s simply aims for “no human intervention, only surveillance.” Native yeasts, no oak and low sulfur use empower the resulting wines to display a vitality and elegance that both captivate and thrill.

“I am so excited to show the Domaine d’Edouard wines,” said Lindsay Dunn, New York sales representative for Martine’s Wines. Lindsay went on to speak fondly of the 2015 Bourgogne Cotes d’Auxerre Pinot Noir in particular.

“I am showing it today,” she said. “It is fruity and pure—a great introduction to a natural wine from a young, up-and-coming winemaker at an accessible price.

“As the price of Burgundy becomes heartbreakingly expensive, we look further afield,” Lindsay continued. “Cotes d’Auxerre shares the Kimmeridgian limestone soils of Chablis, and here the vines were planted in the 1960s and have been cultivated organically for over 17 years.”

And although the 2015 vintage is just the second for Domaine d’Edouard, these wines are creating a new normal for wines of exceptional quality in Cotes d’Auxerre.