Château Les Justices / Domaine des Justices
Château les Justices / Domaine des Justices
  • Château les Justices/Domaine de Justices is a value-driven set of bottlings from Julie and Xavier Gonet-Médeville.
  • Château les Justices is a classic Sauternes that provides balanced richness.
  • Domaine du Justices produces both red and white Bordeaux Supérieur that offer delicious everyday drinking.
  • Farming is done sustainably with an eye towards implementing organic practices when possible.
  • As with all their properties, Julie and Xavier provide exacting care and attention to even these entry-level wines.

In many ways, Julie and Xavier Gonet-Médeville are the first couple of French wines. Both hail from storied winemaking families: Julie’s family is famous for its incomparable Château Gilette, and Xavier comes from a long line of Champagne growers in Le Mesnil. Leading a new generation of winemakers, they bring their family knowledge, methods, and passion to the many wines they now make together.

Château les Justices/Domaine de Justices is located just west of the Gironde River in Preignac. Its eight-and-a-half hectares are planted to Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon, Muscadelle, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot on two plots – one of deep gravel and silt and the other of gravel and red sand over bedrock. The farming here is sustainable with organic practices and much of the work is done by hand, including harvest.

Château les Justices, the Sauternes bottling, is a blend of mainly Sémillon with Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadelle. Aged for two years in tank, it is one of the best of the non-classified Sauternes, offering lush fruit, balanced sweetness, and complexity that only improves with age.

Domaine du Justice produces the dry red and white Bordeaux Supérieur, both excellent examples of affordable yet quaffable Bordeaux. The white, a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon, is fermented in stainless steel vats, then aged in stainless steel for 12 months before bottling. The red, of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, is de-stemmed and macerated in stainless steel vats for 18 days. Pressed wine and free-run wine are separated when removed from vats. Aging is in concrete vats for 12 months before bottling.

All the Justices bottlings carry the strong pedigree that is a hallmark of each wine produced by Julie and Xavier. They represent tremendous value from this world-class portfolio.

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