January 17, 2017 Martine's Wines 0Comment

When we find others who share our exacting standards, passion and philosophy about wine, we know we have found someone worthy of a special relationship. From his home in Tuscany, Ernest Ifkovitz of PortoVino has built a unique portfolio of wines, primarily from small, family-owned, Italian alpine wineries. Coming from complex high-altitude geologies, the wines have higher acidity and clean, ripe flavors. Under a motto of “groovy Italian wines,” Ifkovitz’s imports are consistently outstanding, true to their roots and easy to drink. Martine’s Wines has partnered with PortoVino, exclusively distributing its portfolio in Illinois. This partnership took root in early 2015; we expect it will yield beautiful vintages for years to come.

Martine’s Wines is the appointed distributor for PortoVino in the states of Illinois and California.