January 24, 2022 James Bradley 0Comment

Winemaker Cole Thomas and viticulturalists Ken Sweles and Abbey Crystal have joined forces to create Madson Wines, limited production bottlings from organically farmed grapes in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Thomas comes to the wine world through agriculture, with a background in organic vegetable farming and seed saving. Inspired to learn about wine while working for Jeff Emrey of Santa Cruz Mountains Vineyard, he spent also time in Australia and New Zealand, before returning to California to found Madson Wines in 2018. Abbey and Ken have both been a part of the Santa Cruz Mountains winemaking community for years. Both have extensive experience with this terroir and are experienced growers and vineyard managers.

All the vineyards Madson sources fruit from are organic and practice regenerative agriculture, a holistic farm system that enriches and sequesters carbon dioxide in soils, increases biodiversity, and improves watersheds. Winemaking is mainly non-interventionist, utilizing native yeasts and neutral oak. Furthermore, Madson Wines has taken a pledge in collaboration with Terra Pass to operate 100% carbon neutral, or sequester an equal amount of greenhouse gases as they emit.

Martine’s Wines is the distributor for Madson Wines in NY.