January 3, 2018 Martine's Wines 0Comment

“Here, in this foggy, windswept place, our vineyards are located. Climatic changes that occurred after their initial formation have introduced even more complexity to the rock of this region. During the end of the last ice age, the ocean crept further inland and laid marine sediments atop the coarser soils eroded from the peaks. It turns out that the ‘thin flinty soil’ Steinbeck wrote of in East of Eden is made of stronger stuff than he supposed. Composed of schist and gneiss, it is full of granite but laced with marine materials. At Pisoni we work hard to create wine that possesses complexity. But it is the complex materials created by Earth’s enduring labor that make all our efforts possible.”

In its most recent blog post, Pisoni Vineyards journeys back through time (and many layers of sediment and rock) to showcase the unique geology of Monterey County. Complete with excellent graphics and an eloquent narrative penned by Anne Goldman, this piece offers an “under the hood” perspective to what makes the wines made from the fruit of Pisoni Vineyards so distinctive.

Click here to link to “Pisoni Vineyards from Below: A Short History of Monterey County’s Geology.”