March 2, 2017 Martine's Wines 0Comment

A beautiful winding road leads around Mont Granier, a 6,300-foot limestone cliff, to the northern lake area of Le Bourget, which is within the Savoie yet entirely different than the rest of the region. On the left bank of the Rhône River, on such steep hillsides that it feels like an extension of Hermitage and Côte-Rôtie, is the westernmost Savoie appellation of Chautagne. This region is epitomized by Jacques Maillet, one of the best natural producers in Savoie, if not in all of France.

Having become sick from the chemicals used in his vineyard, Maillet sold most of his land, keeping less than 10 acres that he and his wife could manage on their own. Now, wine is left to run its own course, cycling with the moon and the planets, natural in every possible way. No oak, sulfur, additives, racking, filtration or collage are used; no sugar or yeast is added. Even the most skeptical taster will be amazed by the pure expression of grapes produced in these wines, which are redefining natural winemaking. The wines are complex and bright, aromatic and refined.

Maillet will soon be retiring, and his able assistant will take over the vineyard after many years of training. As 2015 was Maillet’s last vintage, quantities are extremely small.

Martine’s Wines is the exclusive importer for Jacques Maillet in all of the United States.