June 19, 2017 Martine's Wines 0Comment

Applying the negoçiant model to English sparkling wine, Digby co-founders Trevor Clough and Jason Humphries have brought together the very best raw materials, expertise and vision to create this modern British luxury brand. The house’s charismatic, boundary pushing outlook is a fitting testament to the man who inspired its name, Sir Kenelm Digby. This 17th century English philosopher, theologian, pirate and writer extended his talents to inventing the modern wine bottle.

England, “this precious stone set in the silver sea” has made the English, well, English. Every aspect of their lives – history, temperament, eccentricity, irrepressible humor, and fearless creativity – has been shaped by the “island nature,” the unpredictability of the temperate climate, and richly varied geology.

And from that ancient terrain comes Digby Fine English Sparkling Wine – a superlative, elegant, spirited expression of Englishness – with all its follies and foibles, modesty and refinement, its courage and its curiosity.

Digby’s model sees it cultivate long-term relationships with the best vineyards across English wine country (typically Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and Dorset chalk-rich heartland) to ensure a supply of only the finest quality berries. Winemaking is overseen by “mad genius” Dermot Sugrue before the final blend is meticulously put together by Trevor. The diversity of sites helps achieve the hallmark richness of flavor and texture, helped in large part by the meticulous standards in the vineyard and cellar.

The focus is on Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay, varieties proven to produce the most finesse. Time, care and patience goes into each rendition of the “Traditional Method,” which gently reveals the potential in each lot of pressed juice. The wines are uniquely “Digby” but umistakingly English.

Martine’s Wines is the appointed distributor for Digby Fine English in the states of California and New York.